Full Moon Datura

making Datura flower essence
I made this Datura flower essence last week, and it has been sitting on a accelerating crystal until today, the Full Moon in Aries, partial lunar eclipse.  I took some of it for the first time this morning, and immediately had a sense . . .

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Spring Eclipse Series

Wisteria, Branford, CT
In the wee hours of Saturday, May 25th, DST, we have the 3rd in our series of 2013 Spring Eclipses, Full Moon in Sagittarius.  Say goodbye to whatever you have kept in your life that is blocking your true freedom to be who you . . .

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Cherry Eclipse

Weeping Cherry Tree, Branford, CT
Come up underneath the canopy of Weeping Cherry Tree’s pink blooms on this Full Moon in Scorpio, partial lunar eclipse day.  The April Full Moon is known as the Pink Moon, and these trees are blooming with perfect synchronicity here in CT. . . .

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Sag. Moon Eclipse

Trail to Grotto Falls, Roaring Fork, TN
On June 4th, we have a Full Moon in Sagittarius, Lunar Eclipse, in which lies the invitation for further balancing of the divine masculine and divine feminine energies within us.  Come on the trail with me, where the dark and . . .

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Day 8-Christ Consciousness Celebration

This crepe ginger from Hana, Maui comes on the 8th day of our Christ Consciousness Celebration to celebrate Solstice with us. He blazes forth as a bright torch of light, a true celebration of welcoming the return of the light in the Northern hemisphere. . . .

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