Anthurium Valentines

Maui Anthurium
Anthurium comes with its lovely heart shape to wish us all a most Happy Valentine’s Day.
Kauai Monastery Anthurium
Let their wide variety of hue and shape inspire you to go beyond just the old paradigm description of a holiday that celebrates romantic Love into a whole . . .

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Ladies of the Lava

Air Plant, Maui
This flower grows undeterred right up out of the lava rocks on the flank of Haleakala on Maui.  She asked to be put as the star feature in a new combination flower essence, to be called “Ladies of the Lava”.  The flowers included all . . .

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Orchid Meld

Olinda, Maui Orchid
Orchids of all kinds love upcountry Maui.  Journey with me deep inside the faces of these 3 Olinda beauties….consider their otherworldly patterns and shapes….
Olinda, Maui – Orchid
Let the velvety softness of their petals enfold you deeply in the embrace of their sacred geometry and . . .

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magnolia moon

This steaming crater in Volcano National Park on the Big Island holds the energy of birth and death that is so active in our world at this time.  These next couple of years will continue to present us with this theme in an intense, ongoing way.  . . .

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Earth Day Walk, pt. 2

After walking a long while in the deep, dense bamboo, we emerge into the open magnificence of this mountain waterfall and the pool below…
Laying down upon the earth and gazing up with the mist drifting around us, the sound of the waterfall will sing an Earth . . .

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