Spring Fling

Happy Spring from CT!  Hope this finds you having wintered over well.  (And wishing my few Southern Hemisphere readers Happy Autumn.)  Regardless of your hemisphere, we are just entering a rich, rare (only about 1x a decade) time when we have 5 of the major planets . . .

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California Valentine Essence

On this past Valentine’s Day, on a visit to my daughter in California, we took a drive to Limantour Beach.  Along the way, we were guided to create a new flower essence.  Lovely Camellia asked to start things off….
Camellia, Fairfax, CA
closely followed by Calendula.
Calendula, Fairfax, CA
Between . . .

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Dog Days Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush, Maryville, TN
The Dog Days start early down in TN; at least in terms of hot days.  As the temperatures topped 100 degrees in the final days of May, just before my move to CT, my Guides asked me to make Butterfly Bush flower essence . . .

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Mercury Dog Days

Linden Ave chairs, CT
As we continue on into the July dog days, have a seat with me here by the water…catch the last whispers of the breeze as it dies away into stillness.
Long Island Sound, Indian Neck, CT
Mercury goes retrograde once more this Saturday: it is . . .

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Pink Anenome

“I AM sweet nectar for the bumblebee.  I come in the waning fatness of summer to lengthen the blessings of summer, even as the days grow shorter.  In an essence, I provide staying power and equanimity.”   In times of waning energy and ongoing demand, Anenome flower . . .

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