Land the 11-11-11 Light

Little River @ The Sinks, TN
As the Light Elixir pours in at this window of 11-11-11/trigger date/portal, it is time to pause and draw it in and through us….
Breathe it in and feel it move down through you……
Little River, TN
Feel the Light moving right down through . . .

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Flower Moon

This palest of purple morning glories sends out a beacon of white light.  She rises up out of hot, arid sand with her cooling and illuminating beam.  She speaks of the energy of the New Moon earlier this week, and of balancing the hot Aries fire . . .

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Morning Glory

Morning Glory
“Beloved Ones: Encircled in a glorious band of purple-violet, encased in a star, from within my center comes my brilliant light, shining out to the world. Let this be a remembrance of your own Glory that resides deep within your being. Shine, . . .

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