Beehive Ginger

“I AM a Pillar of Power that shows a way to harmony within the collective consciousness of humanity.  Each compartment on my stalk is a separate abode for each embodied One to dwell in unique expression, yet an integral part of the glorious whole!”
Gaze upon the . . .

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A Walk in the Forest, Part 2

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree
As we continue through the forest, we admire many different kinds of trees, and the wondrous sculpture that nature and the elements create together in their unique expressions of harmony and adaptation.  And then, we arrive at the waterfall and pristine swimming hole.

Jump right . . .

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A Walk in the Forest, Part 1

Today a friend took me on a walk through the forest to a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole. Come along with me now and receive a few choice bites of the journey! Start with one of these sumptuous pink bananas and a dose . . .

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White Flowers, Part 2

Wildflowers by HI Lava Tube
“Dear Ones – We are here to speak of play….play with the pure white flowers that stand joyously in nature shining bright.  Smell the sweetness, and become intoxicated with the purity and beauty in nature that it may bring you into the . . .

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White Flowers, Part 1

Many of you may be reading or feeling how there is quite a bit of clearing going on.  This clearing is at a fever pitch, and it is going to continue.  More and more high frequency light is coming in.  This light is everything we ever . . .

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