Dog Days Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush, Maryville, TN
The Dog Days start early down in TN; at least in terms of hot days.  As the temperatures topped 100 degrees in the final days of May, just before my move to CT, my Guides asked me to make Butterfly Bush flower essence . . .

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Ephemeral Blessing

Spring Beauty, Chestnut Top Trail, TN
These tender, early Spring bloomers here in the Smoky Mountains are known as the Ephemerals.  After several days of highly challenging planetary energetics, you may be feeling a little ragged around the edges.  The energies have expressed here in the form . . .

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Fairies in the Sedum

Fairy Ring in the Sedum
This lovely bed of Sedum is blooming at the corner of my home in Maryville, TN.  It is full of fairy energy!  Take a deep breath, and imagine the fairy dust showering down all around you…sparks of light cleaning the shadows off . . .

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