Day 4-Christ Consciousness Celebration

This exquisite Red Plumeria comes to offer her sweet perfume into our Christ Consciousness celebration. She can bring life and love to any holiday party or gathering. Put one hand on the heart and one hand on the 2nd chakra while gazing at . . .

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Plumeria Fire

This is a picture of the sun rising behind the smoke from the burning of the cane fields in Kahului, Maui on 11-7-10. Fire energy is rising again, yet the light of the sun can be seen to be shining through the smoke, and so . . .

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Water Element

Waimea River, Kauai
“It is the Water Elementals here to speak.  Water can offer great harmonizing and balancing for the heat that predominates within and without.  This is a summer of great heat in the Northern Hemisphere on many levels.  Avail yourself of the gifts of water:  . . .

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