Orchid and Rainbow Light Trail

'Okolehao Trail, Kauai
Come up the hill over Hanalei with me….through the rain forest and shafts of sunlight on a hot, still Hawaiian afternoon…..take a deep breath of moist, sweet air and feel the rainbow light wash over and through you.
Wild Orchid
Around the corner you are greeted . . .

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Rain Forest Orbs

This gracious Cedar tree is engaged in a lovely interaction with orbs of light.  They are here to let us know we are not alone, and the realms of light are with us, although sometimes unseen.  As we lingered in the rain forest quiet, feeling deep . . .

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Rain Forest Heart Walk

Come down the steps from any ruined place that may linger in your heart, and let nature finish making it anew in its beautiful embrace.
Walk down the rain forest road with me….the dripping giant ferns and cedars all around…the quiet, early morning dew enfolding you.
Stop and . . .

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