May’s Purple Delights

This beautiful, dark purple Iris bloomed in early May in my home garden.  Iris, as a flower essence, has long been known to assist in connecting with creativity and artistic pursuits.  This dark purple, bearded Iris can take you deeply into inner vision, and stimulate your . . .

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Happy Yellow Galactic Seed Year!

Maple Seeds, Great Smokies National Park, TN
Today is New Year’s Day, based on the 13 Moon Mayan Calendar; it is a Yellow Seed Year.  The action of the Seed is to Target, and it’s essence is Awareness.  The Tone of the Year is Galactic, bringing it’s . . .

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Blue Moon Walk

Tigh Shee Labyrinth, Glengarry, ON
Enter the labyrinth on this Blue Moon.  As you walk slowly feeling the ground beneath you, supporting your every step, contemplate what has come to fullness in you on this Full Moon….
Pink Anenome Flower Essence, ON
As you arrive in the center on . . .

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