Sassafras and Sourwood

Sour Wood
As someone who has lived all her life in New England or Hawaii, TN has some “new” trees for me.  On my recent drive up the Foothills Parkway, I enjoyed the russet red of the Sour Wood Trees, with their lacy seedpods curving toward the . . .

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Waihee Ridge, part 2

Nearing the top of the ridge, this painted eucalyptus tree has a perfect spot in which to spread its boughs in a lovely formation.  Stop and place a hand on the smooth, warm trunk:  feel the energy running down, into the ground and out into a . . .

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Day 10-Christ Consciousness Celebration

This gorgeous Red Hibiscus comes on Day 10 of our Christ Consciousness Celebration to tune us into our 1st chakra: our root connection to Mother Earth, our connection to tribe and soul family. Our issues involving fear about survival and security stem from this area. . . .

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