12 Days of Doses, #9

12/21/13, Long Island Sound, Linden Shores, CT
On this 9th day of Doses, let us begin with absorbing the Light Codes from the Solstice.  Breathe the energy into your 3rd eye as you gaze at the Light, the Water, and let it all wash through you.
Orchids, Lanai, . . .

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12 Days of Doses, #8

Orchid, Branford, CT
Green & White Orchid comes on Day 8 of our ’12 Days of Doses’ to put us squarely in our heart chakras on this Solstice Day.  In the Northern Hemisphere, it is the shortest day, and from here forward, there will be a return . . .

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12 Days of Doses, #7

Yellow flower, Kauai, HI
This lovely golden-yellow star of a flower wanted to come and be with us on the day before Winter Solstice, Day 7 of our ’12 Days of Doses’.  She is from the lovely Hindu Monastery on Kauai, and her name remains a mystery . . .

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12 Days of Doses – 8

Moses in the Bulrushes, Maryville, TN
Day 8 brings us two blooms that hold a Holy Trinity energy with their 3 petals – Divine Mother, Divine Father, and Divine Child.  Additionally, this lovely little pink ground cover holds a predominance of  Divine Feminine energy.  Take a deep . . .

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Day 8-Christ Consciousness Celebration

This crepe ginger from Hana, Maui comes on the 8th day of our Christ Consciousness Celebration to celebrate Solstice with us. He blazes forth as a bright torch of light, a true celebration of welcoming the return of the light in the Northern hemisphere. . . .

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