Solstice Light

Here in the Northeast, Summer Solstice arrives on Thursday, June 20th, at 7:04 pm.  It’s a lovely time to look inside Peony and see the Light shining out….connecting to the Light inside You.
Following this lovely point of balanced harmony, we will have another ‘Super Moon’, Full . . .

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Fathers Day to Summer Solstice

Rainbow, Guilford, CT
This rainbow over the peace pole,  which arrived in between the lunar eclipse and the Venus Transit, was striking in how it defined polarities in the sky.  Perhaps it was showing us how to round up the dark for transmutation in the Light.  As . . .

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Royal Poinciana Tree

“I AM Royal Poinciana Tree Flower. Know that change is coming, and that you can stabilize yourself in the changing times. I have been known as an anger remedy – True! I can break up this energy for transmutation and so . . .

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Pale Violet Water Lily

My website is in the process of being redone, and it will soon have a link to a blog I am launching called “Denine’s Healing Doses”.  Until then, I will be sending out some messages via email.  I am coming out of the closet as a . . .

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