10/10 Flight

Yellow Asters in Cade’s Cove, TN
Come back up to Cade’s Cove in the Great Smoky Mountains with me.  Walk through the high pasture into a field of yellow asters and golden grasses.  The ancient stability and high vibration of this place will hold you well as . . .

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Dog Days Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush, Maryville, TN
The Dog Days start early down in TN; at least in terms of hot days.  As the temperatures topped 100 degrees in the final days of May, just before my move to CT, my Guides asked me to make Butterfly Bush flower essence . . .

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Day 12-Christ Consciousness Celebration

Poinsettias in Hawaii thrive outdoors and over the years become large bushes. This one is growing as a hedge up at The Kula Lodge in upcountry Maui. The star-shaped leaf pattern has been felt to resemble the Star of Bethlehem and is part . . .

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