Ohana of Earth

As I sit writing this, it is Earth Day, a day to specially appreciate and honor Mother Earth.  Her living body is our home, and provides for us everything we require.  Given the magnitude of that truth, many of us choose to honor her every day, . . .

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Spring Tribute

Daffodil, Indian Neck, CT
Spring is finally reaching into New England.  Here in CT, the Daffodils are all opening at last.
Spring Bulbs, Branford, CT
The tiny, bright flowers of the little bulbs are radiating out their message of hope and renewal, and Tulip Trees are bursting into bloom.
Tulip . . .

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Butterfly Harmonics

I encountered this Trinity of Butterflies in April of 2008 in a new vortex of energy just opened in Arkansas.  Within the beauty that their physical vessels create, I could see the pyramidal energy field of light they created together:  shimmering brightly and radiating both a . . .

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Water Element

Waimea River, Kauai
“It is the Water Elementals here to speak.  Water can offer great harmonizing and balancing for the heat that predominates within and without.  This is a summer of great heat in the Northern Hemisphere on many levels.  Avail yourself of the gifts of water:  . . .

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