Anthurium Valentines

Maui Anthurium
Anthurium comes with its lovely heart shape to wish us all a most Happy Valentine’s Day.
Kauai Monastery Anthurium
Let their wide variety of hue and shape inspire you to go beyond just the old paradigm description of a holiday that celebrates romantic Love into a whole . . .

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3 Days of Valentines #3

Happy Valentine’s Day Beloved One!  These rose-colored flowers wanted to join together in a heart-shaped lei to send their loving aloha to each and every one.  May they reflect to you the beauty that dwells within you and the unique contribution your love is making in . . .

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3 Days of Valentines #2

This aromatic feast (better than chocolate!) of peachy-yellow ginger comes as your next Valentine delivery.  Gaze at the heart-shaped bloom at the top of the spire, and feel how the ginger models unification of heart and mind. He lets the wise heart show him the way. . . .

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3 Days of Valentines #1

In honor of Valentine’s Day and in celebration of Love, the flowers desired to send out 3 days of Loving Valentines to you!
Day 1 of Love comes from this abundant pink double hibiscus bloom.  Place one hand on your heart and the other hand just below . . .

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