Submerge in the New Moon

Long Island Sound, Linden Shores, CT
Come with me for a walk by the water.  Today is the New Moon in Cancer.  This is a very watery New Moon, in a week of many watery energies.  Even the clouds, as the Air Element, are flowing in watery . . .

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Mercury Dog Days

Linden Ave chairs, CT
As we continue on into the July dog days, have a seat with me here by the water…catch the last whispers of the breeze as it dies away into stillness.
Long Island Sound, Indian Neck, CT
Mercury goes retrograde once more this Saturday: it is . . .

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Aries New Moon Revolt

Red Columbine, Maryville, TN
Today is the New Moon in Aries.  This Red Columbine is showing us the combination of the potent Spring Equinox inpouring and the strong push of the Aries Fire energy coming together.  This is a time when we will feel pulled to be . . .

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Lenten Rose Harmony

Great Smokies, TN from Foothills Parkway
Do you see the face in the clouds?  Shining down the rays of morning Sun on the foothills of the Great Smokies.  As we go about our busy business here each day, above and below us is a stream of ongoing . . .

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