From the Water to the Fire

Canadian Geese on the marsh, CT
This misty, watery time of Pisces with Mercury retrograde has kept us all contained for quite awhile now.
Long Island Sound, CT
Winter storms have buffeted us about in the watery element of emotion.  Other planetary influences have set the washing machine on . . .

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Year of the Black Water Snake

Fire Pinks, Little River, TN
Today, hours after the New Moon in Aquarius, dawns the Chinese New Year:  Year of the Black Water Snake.  After a strong yang (male energy) year this past Year of the Dragon, this new Year of the Snake will bring a dominant . . .

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Journey to Rainbow Falls

Sinks, Great Smoky Mtns, TN
Time to take a walk up Schoolhouse Road trail and off through the woods to the Sinks.  Stop to visit with the magical moss-covered rocks along the way.  The woods here are full of Nature Spirit friends.
White Violets, Great Smoky Mtns, TN
Sweet . . .

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Aries New Moon Revolt

Red Columbine, Maryville, TN
Today is the New Moon in Aries.  This Red Columbine is showing us the combination of the potent Spring Equinox inpouring and the strong push of the Aries Fire energy coming together.  This is a time when we will feel pulled to be . . .

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Water & Fire Dragon

Near Sunset over Hanalei Bay
Here we are in the Year of the Water Dragon, at the foot of the mythical Puff the Magic Dragon on Kauai.  As the sun descends, it creates a powerful synergy of Water & Fire energy with the ocean.  The recent powerful . . .

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