On Golden Marsh

Sybil Creek, Branford, CT
Come kayaking with me, out in the November marsh.  Today is the New Moon~Solar Eclipse.  There are a number of potent planetary aspects right now that have been pushing and pulling us to let go of old ways and our old views – . . .

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Grand Trine Transformation!

The energies of today’s rare, Grand Water Trine, combined with the Solar energies vibrating anew in our Crystalline Grid and our Collective Consciousness, are offering us a deeply powerful opportunity for healing at this time.
Sunset over marsh, Indian Neck, CT
Go to the Water, if you have . . .

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Blue Moon Walk

Tigh Shee Labyrinth, Glengarry, ON
Enter the labyrinth on this Blue Moon.  As you walk slowly feeling the ground beneath you, supporting your every step, contemplate what has come to fullness in you on this Full Moon….
Pink Anenome Flower Essence, ON
As you arrive in the center on . . .

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Swans in the Dog Days

Swans, Branford, CT
Come down to the pond with me in the stillness of the early evening and pay respectful regards to the swans.  This mated pair patrol the rock where their two children are resting.
Swans, Branford, CT
Swans are totems of awakening to the true beauty and . . .

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Fire Water Orb Balancing

Sybil Creek, Indian Neck, CT
As day wanes, step out to the marsh with me, and watch the herons hunt for their evening meal.
Sunset on the Marsh, CT
Sunset arrives, and tonight it sets the marsh on fire with Light.  As you gaze at the picture, let the . . .

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