Wesak 2012

Joyce's Field, Townsend, TN
Today is Wesak, when Christ gathers the entire spiritual hierarchy together in meditation, to invoke the forces of Shambhalla.  The Buddha, representing those forces, appears and blesses humanity.  Let the golden blessings of  Buddha and the Company of Heaven rain down on you . . .

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Mighty Sweet Magnolia

Magnolia Tree, Maryville College, TN
Made in these last days of April, 2012, from a ‘dinner plate’ Magnolia on an old tree at Maryville College in TN, this essence asked me to include some of the Mother Magnolia flower essence I made in the Iao Valley on . . .

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magnolia moon

This steaming crater in Volcano National Park on the Big Island holds the energy of birth and death that is so active in our world at this time.  These next couple of years will continue to present us with this theme in an intense, ongoing way.  . . .

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