Pale Violet Water Lily

My website is in the process of being redone, and it will soon have a link to a blog I am launching called “Denine’s Healing Doses”.  Until then, I will be sending out some messages via email.  I am coming out of the closet as a channel of flowers – among other things!   This beautiful lily was blooming last week in a pond garden on Lanai in HI .  She was about 7″ in circumference and has this to say:

“You have looked into my eyes and seen the perfection of creation.  Let me inspire you all in the joining of your hearts and minds into a Oneness that can create new offerings into the World that carry this beauty, this divine order, this connection and this vibration.  On this Summer Solstice, feel your connection to Mother Earth – and to Heaven – and dream of bringing forth a New Order. Let the color of my petals penetrate into your eyes and bring you Peace….peace within yourself and with all others.  We are all of the Oneness.”

When I took this shot, I had just completed learning “Ascension Attunement” using tuning forks, and taught by Jenifer McKenzie (  She had included some information given recently by Ascended Master Djwhal Khul regarding the evolution of our chakra colors.  As our energies are increasing in vibration, the colors of the chakras will change.  The 1st chakra will be pale violet.  My guides are saying that this pale violet water lily is holding the vibration of the ascending 1st Chakra.  The sacred geometry of this lily further embodies this vibration.  If one meditates on the sight of this lily, it will help align your vibration accordingly.

In recent times, we have done much clearing of the first chakra, and it is now an auspicous time to make connections with groups of like-minded people:  particularly between now and the end of 2010…our first chakra tribal connections.  What fun to Re-Union with who are truly dear old friends.

Happy, Happy Solstice to Every One.

In La Kesh* – Denine

(*Mayan Greeting meaning: In you I see another me, in me another you.)

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