Royal Poinciana Tree

“I AM Royal Poinciana Tree Flower. Know that change is coming, and that you can stabilize yourself in the changing times. I have been known as an anger remedy – True! I can break up this energy for transmutation and so can I help break up all Intense-Dense energies for change; thereby allowing for harmony in communication. I AM the Power to Transform Communication.”

Monday, on the Summer Solstice, I made a new Royal Poinciana flower essence from a tree here on Maui. I was fascinated to notice that these flowers carry the energy of 5-5-5-5. Each flower has 5 flower petals around an inner ring of 5 petals and each has 10 stamens (5 + 5). Numerically, the number 5 is about change. This flower essence carries the gifts that the flower offers, as well as the in-pouring of light from the 2010 Summer Solstice. These offer wonderful energetic support to our systems. Today we have the Full Moon and the partial lunar eclipse, combining with the power of the Grand Cross planetary alignment. As the polarities in the world continue to be extreme, this flower helps us smooth out the changes happening in our internal wiring so we can be more balanced and centered in our communication with others. (I have a limited amount of this Summer Solstice Royal Poinciana Flower Essence available here on Maui. Alternatively, go to Green Hope Farm offers a lovely alcohol-free Royal Poinciana Flower Essence, as well as a wealth of information about flower essences.)

It is also possible to have your own experience directly with the flower(s) by gazing at her pictures here, or if you live near a flowering tree, go be with one in person. Whatever your method, She is here offering her gifts and support in these next days of very powerful clearing. We need only tune in with an open heart.

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