Cup of Gold

“It is I, Cup of Gold.  Beloved Ones, Now is the time – the time to hear the clarion call, the call to hear the voice within you speak.  Listen for it’s clear tone guiding you, inspiring you and informing you of your inner truth, your inner identity.  For now, we call upon you from Heaven to step more fully into your authentic Self.  Blessed be, and So It Is.”

This lovely and inspirational Cup of Gold blossom came from upcountry Maui, in Kula, and consented to come down and gift us with this message and a great flower essence.  The clear glass of the bowl allows me to see that it has imparted its gold color into the nectar, and also its light, sweet fragrance, with a touch of fruity mango to it.  It sat in the vortex of my treatment room energy all night and then outside under the sun and sky as the Moon totally eclipsed the Sun this morning here in Hawaii.  So this lovely nectar carries the support for hearing our guidance more fully and embodying it, as well as the powerful potential of the 7-11-10 Solar Eclipse and New Moon in Cancer.

May the sacred potential of this day inspire us all as we go forward into this last half of 2010.

In Lak’esh*  -  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  In you I see another me, in me, another you.)

– Live locally and want to buy a bottle of Cup of Gold?  It’s $10 – email me for pick up.

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