July, ’10 Energy Reading

These first 10 days of July are book-ended by the two eclipses.  The lunar eclipse occurred on June 26th.  Many are aware of the intensity inside us and in our relationships that is seemingly quite extreme right now, and is likely to continue through the solar eclipse on July 11th.  The above picture is of the steam and gases erupting from a vent in the big caldera of Kilauea Volcano on the island of Hawaii.  (I took this on 9-9-09, when I was last there.)  Perhaps you have felt or seen a similar process going on inside of yourself or someone you know!  As the energies continue to quicken on the planet and inside of us, Mother Earth is having to do quite a bit of adjusting to integrate the energy and create the necessary changes.  We are going through the same process in our bodies, and the relationships between us all are similarly under a bit of strain as we all attempt to reconfigure ourselves.

In the past, we may have walked away from people, places or problems that were a little too uncomfortable, but now we are being called to stay the course and find a way to stay present and as heart-centered as possible in spite of our fears and not being in control.  There is really no more room or opportunity to go “somewhere else”.   Just as the fragile crust of Earth is ripped and belching forth oil in a seemingly unsolvable conundrum, we can no longer walk away from our latest mess and pretend business as usual.

It is time to have heart-centered conversations – ones in which we are vulnerable, and yes, for most of us, this feels awkward and scary.  To do this when the other person may be in extreme reaction can feel very daunting.  I am calling in every iota of Light and all the Higher Helpers of Heaven to assist me in such an endeavor!  Compassion for ourselves and others as we attempt to shed these layers of ego dross is needed now more than ever.

As for the Earth, thousands of people are praying and sending their love, light and intent for a healing solution and new relationship with Earth and her resources.  This truly is forming a unified field of energy that is becoming very powerful.  These next days are a potent time to sit in quiet for a few moments each day:  Ask to join with this beautiful unified field of love for the oceans, the Earth, and all her beings…..Feel it…..and add your unique heart-light into it.    Foster this positive energy within you, for surely your frustration or dread over the situation will do nothing to improve it.

Take time to be outside and to breathe in the scent of a pine or a flower.  Be in the water when you can and send it your love.  Listen to sweet birdsong.  This is the food we need to be sustained through this tight passage.  The picture above is one I took of the hills from my front door here in Maui one morning when I came out to the surprise gift of the rainbow.   May the prism of her colors be with each one of you.

In La Kesh*  -  Denine

(*Mayan Greeting – In you I see another me, in me another you.)

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