Pink Shell Ginger

From Denine’s Guides:  “The Pink Shell Ginger is a dose of Goddess  -  She embodies balanced Divine Feminine Energy.  She helps the spine align itself in harmony with empowered feminine energetics so that, whether embodied as a woman or a man, one can walk connected to one’s Divine Feminine Self.”   The upright quality of our spine carries a powerful essence of our masculine (yang) energy: to infuse it with the feminine (yin) energy of this flower is a powerful opportunity to allow union of our yin and yang energies.  (Bliss!)

Making Flower Essence

This flower essence was made in Huelo on Maui, on the Full Moon in Aquarius, 7-25-10, the Mayan Day Out of Time (last day of the Mayan year).  The flower and the essence carry a vibration of the empowered feminine energy that is so beneficial right now to place into our new creations and into old structures of all kinds that are in an unbalanced state.  It is also a great support to our bodies, many of which are physically making it known to us that they would like some more support in achieving better balance.

Gazing into the face of the flower on the top picture, while sitting quietly with one hand over your heart and one hand over your navel, you can invite the empowered feminine energy to stream in to your awareness and your body, creating a new balance within you, for your highest good, in the moment.  This can be a very balancing and comforting meditation.  Enjoy!

In La Kesh* – Denine

(*Mayan greeting – In you I see another me, in me another you.)
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Want to purchase a Pink Shell Ginger Flower Essence?  $9 a bottle ($5.55 more to mail to the Mainland; if local, contact Denine to arrange a pick up.)

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