Water Element

Waimea River, Kauai

“It is the Water Elementals here to speak.  Water can offer great harmonizing and balancing for the heat that predominates within and without.  This is a summer of great heat in the Northern Hemisphere on many levels.  Avail yourself of the gifts of water:  bathe in it, drink it, bless it and allow it to bless you.  Link your awareness of the water in your body to the waters of great purity that do still exist in rare and sacred places on the Earth.  Feel this purity penetrate your inner water, and radiate it out with your love and gratitude to the waters of the Earth.  So May it Be.”

We have just completed the days of Conscious Convergence on July 17 and 18.  Thousands of people worldwide have prayed for Unity.  Water is a wonderful way for us to have an experience of unity.  When you put a drop of water in the ocean, it instantly becomes a part of the whole.   If you are lucky enough to live near a beautiful body of water in which to immerse yourself, try to do so often.  Otherwise, taking a bath with sea salt is very good, and adding a few drops of essential oil deepens the experience.

When working indoors, it would be very helpful to place a small bowl of water in your space and place a flower in it.  During the hours of working, you are then in communion together:  human, water and flower.  Just a bright yellow dandelion bloom in a teacup of clean water carries a powerful high vibration to help you keep a higher, cleaner vibrating space and day.

Meditating by the water is a long-time favorite of many, and it can be enjoyed regardless of where you live by having a bowl of water in your meditation area.

This is the bowl of water I have had on my lanai this past weekend with pink plumeria blossoms.  This bowl of water is in front of my meditation chair, and it has flowers of different colors and types each week, depending on what moves me.  Communing with water in this way during the rest of July and August will feel comforting and refreshing physically, mentally and emotionally.  It will also allow a deeper healing of our Oceans and other bodies of water through the natural exchange of appreciation and loving energy that ensues between the water and you.

In La Kesh* – Denine

(*Mayan Greeting: In you I see another me, in me another you.)

-  Want to read & see more about water & it’s magical vibrational communication with us?  Google Dr. Emoto Messages from the Water

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