White Flowers, Part 1

Many of you may be reading or feeling how there is quite a bit of clearing going on.  This clearing is at a fever pitch, and it is going to continue.  More and more high frequency light is coming in.  This light is everything we ever asked for, and more.  This does mean the lower vibrations of density within us must transmute….sometimes an interesting process for the physical vehicle.  So today someone whispered in my ear, that it is time for white flowers.  Flowers to remind us of the essential purity within us which is our true nature and that to which we always return.  Like children who spend a long dirty day playing in mud puddles, we can be rinsed clean within the clear beauty of these white flowers.

Double Trumpet Flower

To hear our heart’s message, we must take a few minutes, and sometimes more, of stillness to listen.

In La Kesh*  -  Denine

(* Mayan Greeting:  In you I see another me, in me another you.)

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