White Flowers, Part 2

Wildflowers by HI Lava Tube

“Dear Ones – We are here to speak of play….play with the pure white flowers that stand joyously in nature shining bright.  Smell the sweetness, and become intoxicated with the purity and beauty in nature that it may bring you into the place within you where it also dwells.  Feel it spread through you, and allow every particle of your being to vibrate with it.  The water of the body is completely cleansed.”    Feel this vibration move into your kidneys and light up your kidneys, cleaning away any remaining dregs of fear or impurity and refreshing every cell.  Breathe the white flower energy right into your kidneys, and breathe out all that is ready to be released.

“Take up a new staff of power, and walk into the world with it.  A power that embodies within you balanced male and female energies….a power that holds truth, integrity and love’s sweet laughter within it.”

Both of these wonderful white flowers carry an exquisite touch of pink.  Pink to bring comfort and to remind us of compassion.  Compassion for ourselves in the process of all this clearing and balancing and compassion for each and every other one who is on their road through the experience of duality on planet Earth.

This Sunday is the Full Moon in Aquarius, and the Mayan “Day Out of Time”.  As we continue clearing all that stands in the way of Unity, it would be a lovely time to advance forgiveness for anyone or anything in our lives blocking this within us.  The Hawaiians have a beautiful practice called Ho’oponopono.  Essentially, you say to whatever is within you that created something out of harmony in your experience:  “I am so sorry.  Please forgive me.  Thank you.  I love you.”  Many have found this to be a simple yet profoundly powerful process.

And when you are complete with your ho’oponopono ceremony, breathe these white flowers through you once again, or go out into nature and experience all the magic and beauty that she may bring you!

In La Kesh*  -  Denine

(*Mayan greeting – “In you I see another me, in me another you.”)

-  Want to know more about ho’oponopono?  Google and read about Dr. Joe Vitale’s books about Dr. Len

-  Want to work with ho’oponopono in a healing session?  Email Denine to set one up (in person or by phone)

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