A Walk in the Forest, Part 2

Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree

As we continue through the forest, we admire many different kinds of trees, and the wondrous sculpture that nature and the elements create together in their unique expressions of harmony and adaptation.  And then, we arrive at the waterfall and pristine swimming hole.

Jump right in and swim out to the waterfall.  You and the Universe have arranged things so that you arrive at a time when no one else happens to be there.  There are just the sounds of the waterfall, the breeze in the grasses and birdsong.  Whether spending time at a real waterfall, where negative ions cleanse the aura and create feelings of wellbeing, or meditating for a few minutes on floating in this pool with the waterfall playing with your feet, washing you clean, you can instill the same vibration throughout the water of the body, cleansing and balancing all cells.

On the banks of the outlet stream of the swimming hole, August wildflowers are blooming together:  Purple Orchids and golden-orange Crocosmia.  The Guides asked me to make a combination flower essence of these two beauties.  They asked that it be called Path & Passion, for those are the energetic gifts they offer.  The purple orchid works with the crown and the heart, supporting the felt sense and knowing of one’s path & purpose; the crocosmia works with the 2nd chakra and the 3rd.  It cycles up our passion & creative energies into the 3rd chakra.  Together they call forth our passions to be brought out through the knowing in our hearts.  Place a hand on your breastbone and a hand below your navel on your abdomen and contemplate these flowers for just 90 seconds (or more if you like!). See what creative juices might love to flow out of your heart, or whatever personal message or feeling arises in you…..

As we conclude our walk and leave the forest, we find these two magnificent beings have positioned themselves on each side of the road, creating a powerful grid of yin & yang harmony to bless our passing.  Namaste, and Thank you to them!

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