A Walk in the Forest, Part 1

Today a friend took me on a walk through the forest to a beautiful waterfall and swimming hole. Come along with me now and receive a few choice bites of the journey! Start with one of these sumptuous pink bananas and a dose of yang energy from his flower. Thank you to the Hawaiians who put these pink bananas trees on this land.

As we continue on through the trees we come through a passageway. We are presently moving through a tight passage in the wake of the eclipses and now in the opening days of August, another Cardinal Grand Cross astrologically. Let us envision moving through this passage with the grace and ease of this tree, which has literally bend over backwards to welcome us through all the changes into the higher vibrating reality into which we are entering. Surrender up all conflicts and worries and come on through!

On we go along our path, but never alone: there is a tree waiting for you every step along the way. The collective consciousness of a forest of trees, or even a small group of trees, is a palpable grid of energy radiating peace, presence and groundedness. Be with trees and feel this essence penetrate your vibration. Align with it, breath it in and you receive a great gift, as well as giving a dose of this sorely needed energy into the collective consciousness of humanity. Just taking 20 seconds to look at this picture and receive the energy it imparts is a powerful potion.

With all that you are doing now in your life, you may find it is time for some rest. Each of the trees on this path has large mounds of roots at the base, and on them are deep, soft cushions of moss. Lay down your body and your head. Breathe in the sweetness….feel the love and the peaceful support of the forest all around you and rest. So take this moment to pause for a nap in the forest with dappled light and birdsong around you. Sometimes we work so hard on the human journey, we forget to play, and we forget to rest.

So for now we say thank you to the Forest & the Nature Beings and extend our gratitude and love to Mother Earth for all that we are receiving.
In “Part 2-A Walk in the Forest”, we will arrive at the waterfall and celebrate with a beautiful new flower essence…coming soon! Sweet Dreams Beloved Ones.

In La Kesh* – Denine

(*Mayan Greeting: In you I see another me, in me another you.) Please share this email with any & all you feel would enjoy it.

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