Butterfly Harmonics

I encountered this Trinity of Butterflies in April of 2008 in a new vortex of energy just opened in Arkansas.  Within the beauty that their physical vessels create, I could see the pyramidal energy field of light they created together:  shimmering brightly and radiating both a strength and a lightness of being marvelous to behold and feel.  I sat with them for awhile and brought the resonance of my own field into the harmony that they created – a most wonderful feeling.  Take a few moments, if you wish, to do the same:  the energy remains available through the picture for you to have your own experience of upliftment and Unity.  Just hold the intention that you are joining gently in their communion.

Presently, there are 5 planets in retrograde as we continue under the waning days of the moon and the Lion’s Gate energies, all leading up to Autumn Solstice on 9/22.  The heaviness of this amount of retrograde energy is certainly being felt by many, and this is a time when tempers can flare, and sparks can fly, as the heavy energy pushes us deep into what lies within.  At the heart of that reactivity lay the deepest layers of our core wounds, needing yet another dose of embrace and transmutation.  This is the only way to achieve Peace within and without.  (How lovely it would be for us to be together as harmoniously as these butterflies!)


These lovely Monarch Butterflies created a Union outside my front door this February.  They had this to say:  “Call upon us for the healing of your deepest wounds.  Think of how far we travel to achieve our purpose, although we appear so small and fragile.  The tenderness of our Being is in complete harmony with our strength of purpose.  We are the Love and Light that travels with you to the full completion of healing any and all wounds.”    When you find something from the past coming into your remembrance in a negative way, immediately stop and picture the monarch.  Feel the Butterfly energy coming to you.  Do this again and again – you will quickly find how powerful a gift they can give you.

Thank you to all the Butterflies.  Let us dance with them though these next days.

In La Kesh* – Denine

(*Mayan Greeting – In you I see another me, in me another you.)

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