Red Sunflower

Red Sunflower

About a month ago, I planted some red sunflowers outside my treatment room window.  This one grew 8 feet tall with a whirl-a-gig of flowers blooming down the stalk.  As the cleansing continues, they looked to me like a car wash’s spinning scrubbing sponges.  As the wind tosses them about, they cleanse and transmute the energies swirling around us in the wake of the eclipses, the Cardinal Grand Cross and the 8-8 inpouring of light.

He has this to say:  “I AM harmony in interaction with All That Is through the new frequency of balanced Male Energy.  See the honeybee who delights in the feast of my pollen.  Bask in the warm sunshine of my love and smile in appreciation of the sweet, rich abundance of your Life.”

Put one hand on the bridge of your nose and forehead and one hand on your heart.  Pause like this for a few minutes, looking at the picture or seeing the sunflower and honeybee in your mind.  Feel the loveliness of how nature provides everything for us when we open to receive it and live in harmony with her.  Give thanks for the riches of nature all around you on this Earth.

This helps us come out of fear and survival mode (which can never allow us to receive abundance or reach balance within).

Sunflowers can help align you with your powerful abilities to create and accomplish.  He does this through helping us align with our own powerful, balanced male energy in harmony with our feminine energy.  This moves us toward creating from our place of Divinity with the heart leading the head:  Feel the giant heart that this Sunflower radiates from.  Therein lies the “Secret”!  Let it bring you into your heart for a conversation with Self.  Today is the New Moon in Leo, an auspicious time for dreaming new creations into being.  May we all enjoy our new heartfelt creations every day until we see them manifested in the physical all around us!

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