10-10-10 on Haleakala

Over-the-Rainbow on Haleakala

This morning, in celebration of the 10-10-10, I drove up on Mt. Haleakala (Temple of the Sun) here on Maui. As the rainbow formed over the land below, my height (about 1/2 way up Haleakala), gave the illusion of the rainbow laying down on the Earth, like a blessing. Gazing at the picture, you might put one hand on your heart and one hand on your forehead/bridge of nose: feel the colors of the rainbow, merging with the Earth colors and streaming through you.

White Mink Protea

I visited with this lovely Protea in a garden on the way down the mountain. Have you ever petted a protea? They are like velvet, and the tips of a mink protea are like soft feathers forming a lovely vision of a fuzzy flower crown chakra.

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