Halloween Treats

Hibiscus Flower

This yellow and orange hibiscus wanted to come and extend his greetings for an exuberant 2nd & 3rd chakra experience for this Halloween.  Whether you are dressing up in a costume or contemplating the shadow this weekend, he is here to remind us of balance, harmony, and loving fun.  Gaze into his face, breathe, and feel your own rich colors emerging.

Kula Farmer's Market

A number of my Mainland friends have asked me if we celebrate seasons here in Hawaii.  The answer is a resounding Yes!  This is where I go get a pumpkin for my entryway every year.  They also offer wonderful local produce, flowers and honey with a fabulous view.  But now, there are more greetings from orange flower friends.

Day Lily

This one is steadfast in his devotion to being completely orange.  He reminds us of the beauty and truth in being completely One’s Self.

Orange Bouganvillea

This bougainvillea forms little hugging nests around the inner creamy flowers, which peak out like happy little children from within their mother’s embrace.  They are certain of their love beyond a shadow of a doubt.  May each one of us also remember our lovability with such a sweet certainty.

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