Making Flower Essence

Making Cup of Gold flower essence

A number of you have inquired about making flower essences, so here goes: Place some pure, drinking water in a glass bowl, or a drinking glass. Place the flower(s) face down into the water. If you use a large flower, like this Cup of Gold above, you need only one flower. Place the bowl in the sunlight. If I am making them in the morning, I will then bring them in at late afternoon.

Making Pink Shell Ginger flower essence

A drinking glass worked well for the Pink Shell Ginger, which blooms in a cascade on its stalk. Flower essences (and water!…Remember Mr. Emoto’s findings….) are very vibrationally sensitive. Therefore, while appreciating their beauty, send them love and thanks: this will improve your essences. After some hours in the sun (I do at least 5 and not more than 24), remove the flowers (keeping your fingers out of the essence; use a clean spoon if needed) and put the flower essence in a glass dropper bottle (or other glass container with lid). To preserve it, add 1/4 the total volume, brandy. To make alcohol-free flower essence, you can use white vinegar and Red Shiso. (You can order a bottle of Red Shiso and/or blue glass flower essence bottles at

Combination Flower Essence @ EP Unified Field Toronto Gathering

This lovely combination flower essence was made by the group at Maryholme Retreat House in Canada at our September gathering. Making a flower essence from the blooms of a beloved garden can be a wonderful sustenance during the upcoming winter months for those of you in the North. I enjoy flower essence by squirting a dropper into my water bottle and sipping throughout the work day, or by putting them in a bath at the end of the day. There is a wealth of information on how to use them, how to pick them, how to care for them, etc at the Green Hope Farm site. Molly, the loving creator of Green Hope Farm, has also written a fabulous guidebook, which you can request, and receive, for free.

Maryholme Flower Apachete

When we removed the flowers from the Maryholme Flower Essence, we made a flower apachete, and they stayed bright and beautiful there over the next 2 days. Choose flowers that are from an area that has not been sprayed with chemicals. Likewise, it is not a good idea to pick ones too near the road, where exhaust and pollutants abound, and a few flowers (like Oleander) are poisonous and should not be used. I like to “ask permission” from the flower, or wait for it to volunteer. They are an incredible infusion of love and vibrational support for the energy field of the body. Making one on Sunday, 10-10-10, would create a flower essence which also holds that extra infusion of light pouring in from the Cosmos. Enjoy!

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