Pink Lady Lily

Caribou, CA

A herd of Caribou did not mind my daughter and I stopping to visit them during my recent CA visit.   They impart to us a wise knowing of how to be in harmony with our surroundings as we journey through the Fall Season.  Venus has begun a 6-week retrograde journey herself, urging us to look deeply at what is love – and what is not.

Pink Lady Lily, Pt Rayes

These ecstatic Pink Ladies met us as we continued onto the beach, lighting up the cloudy day like a lantern in the night.  Each bloom on the stalk shines its light in perfection.  Each one is at its unique point in time in its life cycle,  and each one is perfect exactly as it is.  Let them inspire us on this New Moon in Libra to dream of inspired new visions of loving relationship with the Earth and with each other.

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