Red Rose & Citrine

Citrine Crystal

“I AM the Golden-White Light of God. Stream me through you and around you. Let me hold you entirely in my embrace.” As we now come into the October 22nd Full Moon in Aries, it is a good time to picture yourself surrounded in white and gold light. Picture it streaming through you and expanding out around you in a lovely golden-white bubble. This Full Moon is about reconciling opposites. Let the golden-white light stream in from the Cosmos and support you in this endeavor.

Ulupalakua Tree

A few days ago I drove upcountry to the Ulupalakua Ranch and visited with the gorgeous trees there. This one, behind the winery, is like a stately Goddess, dressed in a flowing long skirt, and sending down her benevolent blessings from above. Gazing at her spreading skirt of trunk and roots, let your own root energy connect into the Crystalline Grid of Earth. Feel the golden-white light streaming through you and around you as you ground into this radiant Earth Grid, connecting you to All.

Front Door Goddess Buddha

Back at my house, I was welcomed home by my own Goddess-Buddha, celebrating the harvest time. I brought down from upcountry some beautiful old Red Roses, their scent as heady as sweet, rich wine. After making the Red Rose flower essence, I offered the petals into the harvest offering at the feet of the Goddess.

Red Rose petal offering

This Red Rose flower essence, made on 10-18-10 in upcountry Maui, carries within it special support for the Goddess within. If your yin energy is flagging (feeling of depletion), or you feel you are suffering from a tired heart, this essence will enrich your soil and refresh your heart once again. Blessings to each and every One, and as we gaze at the Full Moon tonight, may we each love and honor the Inner Goddess/God.

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