Root Chakra Healing

While walking a few days ago in the Waihee Valley on the Full Moon in Taurus, my guides asked me to create a flower essence from 3 flowers growing in the woods there. Red Hibiscus flower essence is known to be a remedy for abuse issues of the 1st & 2nd chakras.

Golden Tree Flower and this sweet purple/white wildflower asked to join forces with the Red Hibiscus to bring the empowered support from the higher chakras to assist in deeper healing of the lower. This deeply comforting elixir of 3 unite to heal and harmonize energy throughout.

The issue of abuse has been playing out on Planet Earth for millenia. Most of us have played both the role of abuser and victim over the course of many lifetimes. As we balance the polarities within us, we continue to create a more balanced and harmonious World.

If you feel called to join your love and light with these three beauties to create deeper healing of these dynamics, you may wish to spend a few minutes of meditation doing the following: Place one hand on the pubic bone/1st chakra area and one hand on the bridge of the nose and forehead. Breathe deeply and imagine the energy flowing in a figure 8 between your 2 hands. Call forth the love within your own heart to flow throughout you. Gaze at the faces of these flowers, thanking them for adding in their love. Then spend a few moments gazing at the red hibiscus: see how her beautiful petals spread out in a lovely rendition of a gorgeous root chakra. Feel this energy coming into your own root chakra and harmonizing there……

If you are a person working on healing wounds of this nature, you may wish to continue using the imagery of a Red Hibiscus flower in your root chakra when you do your meditation, yoga or walk. She knows you are perfectly beautiful just as you are.

In Lak’ech* – Denine

(*Mayan greeting: In you I see another me, in me another you.)

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