This Golden Buddha was unexpectedly gifted to me on Christmas Eve Day. He had been living in a box in my landlord’s garage for the past several years. Perhaps some of you can relate to that experience. (I know I did!) He is here to say that in 2011, it is absolutely time to emerge from any and all boxes remaining in our lives and to shine our strength and our love fully out in the light. Furthermore, the energy of 2011 will do much to support us in that process. 1-1-11, 1-11-11 and 11-11-11 will all occur this year, bringing with them the portal energy of ones to help launch us into “the next thing”, whatever we are creating that to be. Do not be dissuaded from heartfelt dreams just because they may not have manifested yet. The momentum we have all been building will create a wave this year to propel us forward.

This morning after meditating I asked to draw a card that would give us a message for the theme of the first part of 2011.

January – February – March, 2011

So it is that another Buddha comes forward! He speaks of our work to clear the mind of delusions and illusions. The energies in the 1st three months of 2011 will do much to support us in this process. Buddha is also a very beautiful balance of the yin (female) and the yang (male) energies. This balancing within us is another theme of the year 2011.

A powerful partial solar eclipse and new moon is occurring on the night of Monday, January 3rd, into the wee hours of January 4th. Jupiter and Uranus are getting into the act: this can be a very lucky and amazing time, so start setting intentions. January 3-4 will supercharge any New Year’s resolutions you care to make in a positive light.

Wishing each and every one of us here in Earth School a blessed year of expanding consciousness and love.

In Lak’ech* – Denine

(*Mayan greeting: In you I see another me, in me another you.)

– The tarot card above is from the “Osho Zen Tarot” deck.

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