Orchid Power

This impressive stem of blossoms just recently opened on a plant that has spent the last year living out on my lanai. He is all the more appreciated by me, because he is a Re-bloomer (something I aspire to be myself). As he sat out there all year with various scars on his leaves (blown over by the wind a few times), many might have said he wouldn’t amount to much. He is a wondrous reminder of how we sometimes spend a long time preparing our fresh creations, and we might not always look like we have it in us.

This morning, the flower delivered the following message. He says we have mostly forgotten what balanced power is.

“I am here to speak of balanced power. The power that comes from your divinity is in harmony with all. It does not step on another. It does not hoard, and it does not hide. Balanced power goes forth from the knowing in the Heart.”

To give yourself a further taste of what balanced power feels like, gaze into the face of this flower for a few moments. Feel your feet on the floor, the strength of your legs and the grounded base of your pelvis. Breathe into your belly – your personal power center. Imagine the energy from your power center flowing up into your heart and cycling down from the heart to the power center, creating a loop of flow. Feel (or imagine) this loop of energy surging up and around as you take several breaths. Ask your guides and higher self to be with you today in wielding your own power from this place of centered, loving truth.

In Lak’ech* – Denine

(*Mayan greeting: In you I see another me, in me another you.)

– Astrologers are predicting today to be a day of increased fire energy and other certain aspects that might cause conflicts or emotional fireworks. Set an intention to hold yourself all day in the energy field you just created above, and notice how it allows you to navigate this “high surf” with increased ease and grace, today and on any day!

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