Jade Flower & Full Moon

This lovely cascade of Jade blossoms dangles down from its trellis in perfect, centered balance and nestles into a green ti plant. Both these plants are sacred to Hawaiians: jade flowers make stunning leis and ti leaves are used in ceremony & for protection.

As we experience the Full Moon in Leo (here in HI on Thursday, 2/17, shortly before midnight; on Friday, 2/18 in the wee hours in North America), we also have five planets, including the Sun, in Aquarius.  These aspects will demand of us that we respect each other and the planet.  Jade Flower is joining their light to offer balancing support for each one to align with their own integrity in all matters. The Leo moon will burn away another layer of what no longer serves the highest good, as the planets in Aquarius beam down approvingly.  Leading up to this Full Moon, the Sun has been extremely active in sending off solar flares, adding solar fire energy to the Leo Moon.  Even the volcano over on the Big Island has been unusually active, with lava levels in the lava lake at it’s highest level ever.

If you wish, the following exercise will open you more deeply to the cleansing process: place the third finger tip of one hand over your third eye at the middle of the forehead and move it slowly counter-clockwise in a spiral while gazing at the Jade blossoms.  Place the other palm against the center of the body, just above the navel.  Breathe deeply.  Ask your guides and Soul Self to clear your vision regarding any matters of integrity and balance that would be for your highest good. Spend a minute or two with this, and see what arises.  Remember to love & accept yourself unconditionally throughout the exercise and whatever may arise.  Ask your guides to help you to be as balanced and centered as possible throughout, knowing they will be with you, and that you have available to you a supply of unlimited love and light to support you.

All this clearing and cleansing will allow us to create what will actually be beautiful and balanced for us and for all Earth.

In Lak’ech*  -  Denine

(*Mayan greeting: In you I see another me, in me another you.)

– Would you like to work with a bottle of Jade flower essence to support the process outlined above?  Email Denine. ($9/bottle plus postage)

– Like to see pictures of the solar flare activity & the resulting aurora borealis?  Go to www.spaceweather.com

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  • I just LOVE this!
    And I love you,
    and our work.practice together, is SO BIG,
    so GUIDED


  • Theme of the WEEK: INTEGRITY with our TRUE VALUE(S)

  • Jane Davis

    Aloha!I am looking for the blue jade flower to be used for my daughter’s wedding the weekend of July 15 on Kauai.I realize the season is over but am hoping that you might still have some, even a small amount perhaps in a “back yard!” i would be most appreciative if you could help as this flower has special meaning to them. Aloha, Janie Davis 808-561-7747

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