Waihee Ridge Walk, pt. 1

Come up the road with me for a hike to Waihee Ridge on Maui.  Enjoy the verdant green and magical little wildflowers among the grasses as we walk up a steep road, breaking a sweat under the hot sun.

Now you arrive in a cool cathedral of Cook Pines.  There are no sounds except for bird song.  The carpet of needles makes a springy and soft bed under your feet.  Pause here and listen for a moment to what sweet message the pines might whisper to you.

As we continue up the path, this friendly rock gives you a blessing.  Stop long enough to notice the face and smile back.

Now we enter a stand of painted eucalyptus trees.  Feel the unified field of energy that they create together as you walk slowly, step by step, up into the Light.  Breathe in the cleansing smell of eucalyptus, and radiate your love and appreciation back to the trees, the ferns and Mother Earth.  Visualize the purifying field of energy that they create, washing away any impurities in all the water and every cell of your body…..

You’ve made it up a long, steep hill and through an amazing cleansing process.  Time to sit down on the bench, and enjoy the view.

You can hear the sound of the waterfalls rushing down over the rock.  Sit awhile appreciating how magnificent is this Earth…

On the next post, we’ll continue over to the other side of the Ridge and look down into beautiful Waihee Valley.

In Lak’ech*   -   Denine

(*Mayan greeting: In you I see another me, in me another you.)

2 comments to Waihee Ridge Walk, pt. 1

  • Susan

    Sweet Denine,
    Just the refreshing walk I needed after a difficult day with Mom in the nursing home. Wish the 3 of us could take it together!

  • Carol loizeaux

    you, my special friend, made it so perfect I could smell the

    pines and feel the needles under my feet. What a great meditation

    for the end of the day, thank you

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