as within, so without

Some of you have written me asking about what to do to help heal the Earth, and others are asking if we should eat or supplement differently due to radiation.

Mother Earth is moving to create balance within Herself, and it would be wise to assist the process by creating more balance within ourselves.  Inner balance will promote making choices that create outer balance.

Therefore, as we consider how to eat in a world that is presently emitting more radiation, we might remember that unless you are a person living in Japan, the increase in radiation is minimal, yet this does not change the fact that we live in a world that has already been at a high level of toxicity for years.  As many more people are awakening to the truth of the situation, we would be wise to choose more and more local organic food, sustainable farming and clean energy.

“As Within, so Without”:  We are coming to understand that what we put into our bodies/beings on every level has an external reflection.

We will become ever mindful of creating and maintaining a healthy relationship with Mother Earth, because we are finally understanding that our own well being depends upon it.

It seems fitting to include this giant papaya fruit, which I  harvested from the papaya tree in my backyard.  This is the tree I wrote about in January (1/9/11 post “Be a Rainbow Papaya Peacemaker”) that had been blown down in a wind storm and appeared beyond repair.  Yet, with a little love and tending the tree rallied and began to grow and now bears fruit, even while laying on its side…just one small example of  nature’s ability to restore herself, if we allow a favorable environment for it to occur.  When I enjoy this organic manna for my morning breakfast, I will say a heartfelt prayer of gratitude to the Earth for receiving it, and hold the vision that all people have available similar healing, healthy food.  Please join in with me at your next meal.

In Lak’ech*   -   Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  In you I see another me, in me another you.)

– The following foods should be considered during radiation exposure (& other toxicity as well):  miso soup, spirulina, chlorella, algaes (kelp, etc.), brassica vegetables (cabbages, mustards), high beta carotene vegetables, beans and lentils, potassium, calcium and mineral rich foods, sardines, anchovies, good quality fish oil, flax seed oil, olive oil.  Avoid all gluten.  Limit sugar (avoid cane sugar of all kinds, use raw honey, maple syrup or agave instead).  See a professional to advise you about specific questions & dosages.  Everyone is individual: it is preferable to muscle test or lymph test all supplements to ensure what is truly good for you.

– I will be scheduling a few individual treatment sessions at Bushwillows Sanctuary (LA area) on Tues, 6/28/11 ($110 for a 50-min session) Contact Denine to schedule (808) 633-4219

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  • Susan

    Sweet sister,
    Today’s post parallels a Unitarian Universalist sign I drove by recently: “Peace in the world begins with peace in the heart.”

    I look forward to each of your postings and inspiring photos. Thank you for searching your beautiful Hawaii for food to nourish our souls.


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