Crown Compassion

This purple-white orchid was blooming in my treatment room over Christmas of 2010.  On Christmas Eve, my guides asked me to make a flower essence to support holding the energy of deep compassion in the heart, infused with light from the crown chakra.  This allows for a depth of feeling that does not “break one’s heart”, but is infused with such light that it is deep, compassionate love in the knowing that all is ultimately in divine perfection.

As the chaos on Earth intensifies, we are all aware of and feel the human suffering of our sisters and brothers, and ourselves.  Let us pause to receive the blessing of this orchid’s great love and compassion.  She is truly a channel for Source Energy.  Place one hand on the heart and one hand on the bridge of nose and forehead.  Gaze at these beautiful flowers, and feel the love and compassion in your heart.  Breathe deeply into the heart.  Ask Source Energy to infuse your crown with the message of light coming through these flowers.  Feel the energy of this moving through your body, between your hands and emblazoning your heart with this Love Light.  Fill up with this unlimited loving compassion; let it overflow and pour out of you; feel it flow out to all who are calling out for it…..flowing out all around our Globe….to every man, woman, child and animal who is reaching out to join in with it.

In Lak’ech*   -   Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  In you I see another me, in me another you.)

– If you are called to work directly with this Orchid Essence, I have 1 bottle left. ($9 + postage).

– I will be at Bushwillows Sanctuary (LA area) in June for an evening talk and meditation on Mon, 6/27, 7-8:30 pm ($10/person), and I am scheduling private sessions there for Tues, 6/28, ($110 for 50-min session); contact Denine to schedule. (808) 633-4219  For more information go to and see the “calendar” page.

-And, re questions on iodine after my comments on Radiation & Detox diet/supplements:  If you muscle or lymph test to take some Iodine (some of us are deficient), or your professional recommends it, what I do is — paint a line of Iodine over your uterus or prostate about 1″ long at night.  IF in the morning all evidence of it is gone (it was entirely absorbed), continue at night until you no longer test for it, or it stops entirely disappearing. (Too much iodine is not good; google for lots more info on the net.)  Eating some banana (potassium), helps with good absorption.  Wishing everyone a Happy Thyroid.

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  • Thank you for the beauty and healing energy of the orchid..for all of us right now, to be clear and joyfilled and peaceful is so important..sending you much love and manna,

  • Carol loizeaux

    Thank you for sharing the beautiful orchid and the meditation that goes with it. It sends

    peace to the world, but also peace to our own personal space. When peace comes to one person

    at a time it soon spreads to all.

    Love to you, Carol

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