Iris Eye

“I, Iris, bear a name that matches that for the color of the eye.  I am an EYE that helps look within….reaching into the depths of the Being to bring forth the creative jewels that lie within.  What colors are waiting to flow out of you, and what form might they take?”

Iris flower essence has long been known as a support to our creative energies.  This lovely one that bloomed on my lanai agrees.  The essence I made from this bloom was done on 2-22-11.  The energy of the “2” asks us to move our creations out of duality, and the energy of the “8” provides divine flow: wonderful energies to infuse Iris Flower Essence with.

Also, any of my readers weary of snowbound climes, take a moment to gaze at Iris, and feel the sap of sweet Spring flow into you…breathe it in, and know it is soon on it’s way to you.  Happy March.

In Lak’ech*  -  Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  In you I see another me, in me another you.)

-  Wish to work with this Iris Flower Essence?  Contact Denine ($9/bottle + postage)

4 comments to Iris Eye

  • Samarah

    What a gorgeous gift for us all..a wonderful reminder of Spring..I was just finishing my Effortless Creating audio for this month..The theme is:
    Forgiveness, Faith, Freshen and Flourish!!

  • Sounds wonderful: for those wanting to partake of Samarah’s and Mother Mary’s Effortless Creating, go to

  • What can I say but Wow! This website is wonderful! Did you take the photographs for this? It’s good to see somebody else who appreciates things like this. Because I am a floral designer I just find this type of matter very interesting. Can I link back to this from my own blog page? Thanks for writing. Isabella Elliott

    • denine savage

      Hi Isabella – Thank you. Yes, I do take all the photos in the blog. I would be happy to have you link it your own page.
      Best wishes from another flower lover – Denine

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