Spring Equinox ’11

This Banyan Tree from Hana, Maui comes with greetings for the Spring Equinox and as a model of grounding.  Take a deep breath into your center, gaze at the trunk of the banyan, and see how he holds a deep centered flow of energy.  Feel it augment your own center flow.  As you continue to breath slowly and deeply, feel how the energy runs down into the roots in the ground, and up again through the trunk and out to the boughs.  Notice too how light streams into the crown of the tree and down through it.  Spend a few minutes feeling these flows of energy as they move through your own body.

Let this Puffball flower be an image of the light streaming through you, as you call on your higher self and guides to stream the light in.  Spend a few more moments breathing and allowing this flow of beautiful light to move through your body cleansing and harmonizing until your body and the field around your body become as radiant and balanced as the flower.

As we continue through the “9th Mayan Wave” and so many chaotic events are unfolding on our Earth, take time especially at this potent Equinox to fill up with this elixir of light.  The Banyan Tree has constructed a doorway of balance for us.  Pause for a moment at this place of equal day and night, let the promise of Spring infuse your mind.  When you are ready, pass through the doorway carrying with you only your blessings and loving intentions for the Spring of our New Earth.

In Lak’ech*   -   Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  In you I see another me, in me another you.)

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