Unite and Balance

The day after Japan’s giant quake and the resultant waves that came out across the Pacific Ocean, my guides asked to share this message:

“At this time, there is an unprecedented inpouring of Light to Earth and into humanity.  Spend some moments each day, especially in this next week leading up to Spring Equinox, to invite and allow these particles of light to enter in and stream through you.  As you feel your entire being filled with this light, allow it to pulse, or radiate, out from you.  It matters not if you are one who perceives this clearly.  Your intent carries the power of focus to make it so.  This is a great gift of love to all of Earth and carries the power to stabilize many of the more dramatic changes underway in every facet of life on Earth as you have known it to be in these past years.  Do not doubt the power of your unified action.  It is in great joy that we join with you in this Unified Field of Loving Creation.”

Please be aware that an event as large as the earthquake in Japan is absolutely felt in your body and energy fields.  The kidneys: easily affected by fear and being watery, yin organs involved with filtering and pressure balance in the body will especially feel these large, planetary events.  The waves of physical force, as well as waves of emotion from humanity, move out across the body of earth and impact us all through the unified field.  We are literally One in this electromagnetic field.  If you are a very sensitive person, you may have noted quite a bit of emotion and/or physical jitters and fatigue in these last few days.  Do what you know to integrate the energy and regain balance.  (Be in nature, rest, take a bath, etc.)

It is so important to take good and loving care of yourself at this time.  In the few days since 3/4/11 leading up to the earthquake in Japan, there were a total of 71 earthquakes on Earth above the level of a 4 magnitude on the Richter scale.  This is related to being underway in the 9th Mayan Wave (see previous post) and the necessary clearing and up shifting of vibration on Earth as she – and we – undergo Planetary Ascension.

As we continue through the 9th Mayan Wave, join with me and many others by filling up with light as described above.  Then imagine pulsing or radiating out these waves of  love into the water and Mother Earth.  Ask that these waves of love be calibrated perfectly for the highest good.  Since we have no way of knowing what the highest good in any situation may really be, it is best to have no agenda to “save” anyone or anything.  Rest in the knowing that Divine Wisdom is at play in all these events.  Send your compassion and love to those places where human suffering has been inevitable.  If you are ever fearful, stop and do what is needed to support and restore yourself to a centered, calm state before continuing.

Through our unified field we truly can help minimize the damage if we go about it in a manner similar to that described.  Together, we can lay down a blanket of love that allows for the Earth changes to take place with the minimum of disturbance possible.

In Lak’ech*   -   Denine

(*Mayan greeting:  In you I see another me, in me another you.)

-  To be a part of another larger global group of unified meditators for planetary balance, check out Children of the Sun Foundation.

-  Sound healing work is extremely helpful to balance your energy if you feel affected after a quake or other Earth event.  On Maui, contact Denine for a 1/2 hr Tuning Fork balancing session ($50-)


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