Calliandra Moon Flow

The Full Moon rose tonight on Maui over a haze of vog (the gaseous cloud drifting over from the Big Island’s Kilauea Volcano whenever the trade winds fade), illustrating for us perfectly the issues at hand regarding problems with flow.  This Full Moon in diplomatic Libra with the Sun in impulsive Aries is asking us to strike a balance between giving too much and an unwillingness to compromise in our relationships.  Where we are butting up against each other, there too is a lack of flow.

Red Calliandra Flower Essence is known as a tonic for the circulatory system.   Her blossom forms a perfect globe and is suggestive of a full moon.  Her filaments reach out to the light, encouraging us to be openhearted in our full glory of balanced, loving power– even after a series of heartbreaks.  This Full Moon and Calliandra flower ask us to consider the balance of flow within us and all around us.  They request that we not allow past wounds to keep us either shut down or lashing out any longer.

Gaze at Calliandra:  Take a deep breath…invite these energies of flower, Sun and Moon to radiate into you with their balancing wisdom.  Place your hands on your heart and ask that any blockages in flow find a new balance…feel your loving, beautiful heart expand into a fuller radiance.

And on a personal note— As a few of you are aware, recently my guides have suggested I relocate to The Great Smoky Mountain region.  This feels entirely right to me on a number of levels, and so I will be leaving Hawaii at the end of July.  I cannot say it is not without a great sadness I will move away from these beloved Islands, but also with a great gladness to be going to this next sacred place that can support me in different ways and allow a fuller opening of who I am.  Full Moons being also a symbol of completion,  I offer this harvest of bananas and flower tonight to all that I have loved here.

In Lak’ech*  -  Denine

(*Mayan greeting: In you I see another me, in me another you.)

– I will be working in CT  for the month of August.  (If I saw you there in the Fall, you will receive an email from me soon regarding scheduling options, etc.)  Sessions with Denine on Maui:  available until the end of July.

– Go to and see the Schedule page for information about an event and sessions with Denine in the L.A. area in June.

– If you would like to work with Red Calliandra Flower Essence, contact Denine: $9/bottle + postage.

– And yes, to those who inquired:  This blog will be continuing after I leave Hawaii.

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  • Carol loizeaux

    Blessings on your new adventure. Can’t wait to have you share your new place, new plants new mountains, Please continue to keep those who love you in your life. See you in CT. Love Carol

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