Flower Truth Serum

This Blue Butterfly Pea Vine appeared in the roadside bramble on my morning walk up the mountain yesterday.  She speaks of truth telling and discernment.  Her blue color relates to our throat chakra, and the yellow in the center (third chakra) suggests we might do it from a place of centered and grounded power.  A hint of white bespeaks of infusing the pure light of Spirit into our speech as well.

Place one hand gently on the base of your throat and one hand on the belly just above the navel.  Gaze at this faithful blossom.  Let these perfect colors clear away all reactivity and negativity as you take several breaths.  Feel the loving neutrality that beams out at you from the flower.  May our words to one another in these coming days be infused with this Truth, this Love and this Balance.  If you have a conversation coming up that might be stressful, spend a few moments with this flower beforehand, and it will support you well.

In Lak’ech*   -   Denine

(*Mayan greeting – In you I see another me, in me another you.)

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