Garden of Eden

The arboretum outside of Hilo, HI is the most beautiful garden I have seen in Hawaii.  Everything there is larger and brighter than anywhere else!  Walking down the hill to the sea in this garden, one would not be surprised to see a brontosaurus emerge, peacefully munching one of the giant leaves in this rain forest.   The original founder of this garden had the vision to take the land, which had been used casually as a dump in previous years, and turn it into this pristine garden paradise.

This precious gift and example of man’s partnership with Earth and Nature was the inspiration for “Garden of Eden” flower essence.  Made in the Hilo area of the Big Island of Hawaii, this combination flower mix contains: pink Medinilla Miniata, pink Impatiens, a maroon and white Orchid, yellow Ginger, white Amazon Lily, Crepe Ginger, white Spider Lily and Red Ti fruit.

The “Garden of Eden” flowers combine in this essence at this time to support the process of shedding the old snake skin and emerging in our new skin back into the Garden of Eden on Earth.  This mix offers energetic support for the uncomfortable part of shedding and helps to keep our sights on the delicious new creations simultaneously arising.

Made on 5/9/11, the essence is also embued with the energy of the rare grand quintile pattern of planets that was exact on that day.  In brief, this alignment of heavenly bodies created a cosmic spark to ignite the dynamite of our creative potential of lifetimes.

Spend a moment gazing at this orange Powder Puff Flower, and let him inspire your creative juices to flow.

In Lak’ech*   -   Denine

(*Mayan Greeting:  In you I see another me, in me another you.)

– All photos taken by Denine in the Hilo Arboretum.

– Want a bottle of  Garden of Eden Combination Flower Essence?  Email Denine: $9 + postage

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