Rain Forest Heart Walk

Come down the steps from any ruined place that may linger in your heart, and let nature finish making it anew in its beautiful embrace.

Walk down the rain forest road with me….the dripping giant ferns and cedars all around…the quiet, early morning dew enfolding you.

Stop and admire the perfect form of a Camellia that has opened up over night.  As you gaze at her fresh face, let the pink surround your heart with its soft, protecting love light.

Visit with twin giant fern heads pausing to create a heart on the way to full unfurling.

Tomorrow, we will consult with the forest orbs that come to uplift us with their light.

In Lak’ech*   -   Denine

(*Mayan greeting: In you I see another me, in me another you.)

– These pictures were taken on the grounds of the Kilauea Lodge in Volcano, HI (located less than a mile from the entrance to Volcano National Park, and a great place to stay or eat dinner).



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  • Carol loizeaux

    Thank you for “come down the steps” that was a wonderful way to let go of things.

    I will truly miss the Maui pictures when you move to the Smokey Mountains.

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